Family 101

Family 101-Back to the Basics was borne out of the great need to strengthen and support the family unit. Join Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg (America's Family Coaches), the Skit Guys and Dr. Gene Getz as they help us unravel the mystery of the "One Another" principles in the most challenging of places: the home. Nine sessions, each about 20-25 minutes, take us step-by-step through the key New Testament passages on how to live out the "one another" verses in family life. We will discover how these principles are God's blueprint, the ground floor, for day-to-day living. Learn what it really means to love, serve, encourage and honor those closest to you. Our culture puts tremendous pressure on the family. The pull of media, music, movies and TV often cause doubt and confusion on how to live out God's commands to love and serve one another. Divorce, immorality, neglect, abuse, compromise, and apathy threaten to dissolve the very fabric of family. Family 101 Back to the Basics will help us bring Biblical focus on how to "One Another Each Other".

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