Christian Life Team

The mission of the Christian Life Team of First Baptist Church O'Fallon is to evaluate local, state, and national policy decisions, and assess, in accordance with Holy Scripture, their impact on the church and the members of the body of Christ; to educate the church and its members on these issues and to equip the church and its members to respond in a Christ-centered manner that is appropriate and consistent with the word of God. Evaluate - to assess local, state, and national policy issues that have a direct or indirect impact on God's church, using the Bible as the standard for moral and ethical behavior. Educate - to inform God's people on relevant topics using written correspondence and oral presentations. Equip - to train individuals and provide the necessary resources for God's people to get involved in a manner consistent with God's Word. Informational Sources: The websites listed are not all inclusive, but a sampling in order to aid in attaining information that affects several aspects of daily Christian living.